Event: Breakfast with ProInterns: The Highlights

Our free Breakfast with ProInterns event was successfully hosted at the Innovation Village on 13th July 2017.

Our guest speaker, Julius Labeja, Executive Director of CEED Uganda shared his inspirational story of how he has climbed the corporate ladder from volunteer to Executive Director. He told us about himself, shared the lessons he has learnt throughout his journey and what it means to be an Executive Director at 31 as opposed to 50.

Julius Labeja was orphaned at an early age but this did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. That is why during his senior six vacation holiday, he searched for a job instead of sitting at home like most of his friends. Most of the friends he started out with on this search gave up when they failed to progress, but he did not. “Wanting to be better than I was helped me to remain motivated.”

Julius Labeja believes that “Sticking in no matter what happens, is a good characteristic."

When asked about how CEED Uganda has helped the youth grow, Julius Labeja had this to say "Our role at CEED Uganda is to sit back and give young people a chance to make a difference."

Julius Labeja had so many inspirational quotes for everyone in attendance, among them:

“You need perseverance. It is important to stick to your vision and mission.” 

“Humility, perseverance, loyalty, balancing life, relationships and learning from others are the key things you need.” 

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