Hiring Trends for 2021

Over the past few months, there has been a drastic shift in recruitment due to #COVID19, HR departments and recruiters globally have adapted new ways to attract and hire talent.

We've carried out research and identified 4 key recruitment trends that will shape 2021:

1. Online talent pools

An interesting emerging trend for 2021 are hiring methods using online/ digital talent pools to meet HR needs. This has simplified the hiring process, availed access to wider talent pools, as well as ensuring employers can easily attract, identify and hire talent as quickly as possible.

2. Increase of digital platforms and disruption of work delivery

The fast-growing use of online software to design and execute tasks ( e.g App Asana, Zoom, Microsoft Teams) has then led to a decrease in the need for physical locations or office spaces. Changes in how people work due to the rise of the gig economy in which organizations contract independent workers for short-term engagements instead of retaining workers as salaried staff.

3. Virtual interviews

Employers have adapted to conducting interviews online this has since become the new normal post #COVID19, platforms such as Google Meets, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams are used during the assessment and recruitment process. Although this is has shifted traditional face-to-face meetings, candidates now have access to a wide number of remote opportunities. 

4. Social media 

Recruiting using social media platforms is no longer supplemental, simply posting the job opportunity with the right tags can increase your talent search by 50%. According to the World Bank report on Development Talk 2020, almost 85% of companies now say they use this channel and it has been a successful hiring process.

In conclusion, moving forward in 2021 there’s no doubt that companies have to adjust their normal methods when it comes to sourcing and hiring the best talent they can to stay viable in an increasingly competitive and volatile market. On the other hand, HR strategies are now more flexible than ever before, and there are multiple channels open for enterprising companies willing to do the leg work.