My experience as Graduate Trainee at UMEME by Joseph Kimbugwe

1. What does your current role entail?  


Well, I am currently doing system integration (API development). What this basically means is that I define how two or more systems interact through sharing information in a secure manner. Look at it as a Muganda fluently sustaining a dialogue with an Acholi each using their mother tongue minus the notion of language barrier. It’s really fun haha.



2. How has this role helped further develop your skills?


I have been able to venture in a new specialization in my career as a Software Engineer. Back then I was doing pretty much anything that came my way of course within my profession which is not a bad thing but having extensive knowledge about a given specialization provides a clearer path. Am on a steady road to greatness in system integration thanks to this role.



3. What advice would you give to other graduates who are looking for internship opportunities?


Well all I can tell them is to keep at the top of their game. To me its about passion not just the skill. Many a time we ignore the fact that one’s productivity is directly proportional to their desire or love for that particular thing that they set themselves out to accomplish. Love what you do first and the outcome will be miraculous.


4. What is your ultimate career goal and how is your current role helping you achieve this?


My ultimate career goal is to become a senior Software Engineer and by the looks of things, am in the right place to accomplish that. I ensure that every evening I close my day a better person than I was when I came in for work all thanks to the expert staff here. You know being surrounded by experts is one thing and being surrounded by experts who are willing to better you is another. To me that’s something I greatly thank God for because it's not something you come by more often.


5. How has the ProInterns training sessions helped you prepare for your role?


Well ProInterns training sessions helped me to realize the small things that are very important to employers that we ignore all the time. ProInterns is a great venture that I urge professionals or graduates to embrace for better work ethics and experience. Thanks, ProInterns!