My work experience by Javier Katumba

  1. What does your current role entail?

The role entails visiting different households in the allocated areas in Kampala finding out information about their sanitation facilities especially toilets.


  1. How has this role helped further develop your skills?

It has helped me boost my communication skills especially dealing with angry customers who have an inherent bias about the organization in totality.


  1. What advice would you give to other graduates who are looking for internship opportunities?

I urge all graduates out there not to despair in their hunt for internships and to know that it is a numbers game the more you apply the more the chances of getting placed. Everything in the world starts with showing up no matter the odds.


  1. What is your ultimate career goal and how is your current role helping you achieve this?

I am an aspiring financial manager, though my current role is not directly related to my career goal, it is an opportunity to sharpen my leadership skills by getting an opportunity to experience diversity in the field work environment.


  1. How has the ProInterns training sessions helped you prepare for your role?

First of all ProInterns training sessions are among the reasons I excelled at the interviews for my current role, they have also helped to apply the skills of dealing with disgruntled clients which almost happens on a daily basis in my current role.