Online Tools

For your online internship to be a success, you’ll need some tools to assist you in task completion for example video conferencing platforms, messaging apps and productivity trackers.

1. Task management tools

These are an efficient way to track tasks and assess performance. For example, Asana and Trello can help you keep track of assignments allocated to you and also for your supervisor to track your performance over a given period of time.

2. Email marketing systems

So many tasks will be automated since you are working remotely and being able to stay in touch with your supervisor and team is important. Email marketing systems like MailChimp will help you execute your tasks if for instance you are required to send out news to all the company’s clients. Using Gmail is also another platform to share company information securely and privately.

3. Social media scheduling tools

Most companies use social media to promote their products and services or inform their clients about their products. However, using social media all of the time can be draining and time consuming especially when you lose track of time. Social media scheduling tools like Buffer and HootSuite allow you to schedule posts which go out on desired times and dates. This can help you plan and schedule a month or week’s posts in advance.

4. E-signatures

When you need to sign a document, HelloSign or DocuSign will come in handy. Upload your document and sign where your signature is required.

5. File sharing

When you need to collaborate with your team on documents or need comments, file sharing systems like GoogleDrive and Dropbox will be useful. These ensure that everyone is working from the same version of the document and these can be secured by restricting access to the documents.

6. Video conferencing

Most of your team or one-to-one meetings will happen virtually therefore you will need the best platforms to make this possible. For example, Zoom or Google Meet will allow you to schedule meetings and share your presentations during meetings with your team.

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