About us

ProInterns connects students and graduates in Uganda to internship, placement and entry-level opportunities with leading organisations and impactful start-ups.

Our platform empowers young people to kick start their careers through links to opportunities providing meaningful work (SDG8) and to boost skills development.

Through ProInterns, employers can attract fresh talent, identify skilled candidates and manage the hiring process under one platform while building its future talent pipeline.  

Currently the Ugandan youth unemployment rate sits at 13.3% according to UBOS (Uganda Bureau of Statistics) over 75% of young people are engaged in vulnerable work or are underemployed meaning low earnings, low productivity, and working within difficult conditions.

At ProInterns our mission is to tackle youth unemployment and underemployment by using technology to connect graduates and students with employers through formal internship, placement and entry-level opportunities in Uganda.

Over 400,000 students graduate yearly with less than 20% entering the workforce, research shows lack of skills and work experience as well as limited access to opportunities as just some of the major barriers to entering formal employment. Along with a bulging youth population of 77% under the age of 30. Our Founder, Vanessa Atim believes that young people are the future leaders of tomorrow and their potential must be cultivated in order to improve livelihoods and socio-economic status to contribute towards the development of Uganda, East Africa, and the continent.