5 reasons why you should attend Skilling First

As the Skilling First training draws nearer, here are some reasons why you need to be a part of it:

  1. Revamp your CV

Your CV is the first chance you get to make a good impression on a potential employer so you cannot afford to have anything that is not of great quality. A top quality CV will also boost your chance of getting a face-to-face interview, so it is worth spending time and effort on the content and presentation. It will make all the difference in obtaining the position you want.

  1. Become a better public speaker

According to a study by sociologist, Andrew Zekeri, “oral communication skills were the number one skill that graduates found useful in the business world.” Communication is the backbone of our society such as it allows us to form connections, influence decisions and motivate change. So for you to be a good public speaker, you need to be able to win over the crowd you are speaking to and also motivate people.  You should also be able to inform the crowd because informative public speaking is a vital component of a successful career.

  1. Polish up your computer skills

Computer skills are highly applicable to the workplace because most of the tasks are accomplished digitally. Having broader computer skills gives you an edge over other graduates that are also in search of opportunities. This may in turn help you to take on roles you might not have previously considered or been offered.

  1. Get expert advice on how to be a better sales person

Being a sales person requires you to have self-management by being confident, patient and resilient. People skills are also very important because you are constantly in touch with people, trying to convince them about your product. All this requires a degree of insight on the do’s and don’ts. 

  1. Ace your next interview.

It is more important than ever to have strong interviewing skills because it is the determinant on whether or not you get hired. Tips like doing your research before the interview, showing up early, acting natural but professional and being positive are some of the insider information that will change the course of your next interview.

Would you like to learn this and so much more? Sign up and be part of the training that starts on 20th June. See you there!