5 Steps To Create Your Intern Account

Step 1 - Go to your browser and search for https://pro-interns.com/ 
Step 2 - Go to the right upper corner of the page and select the "sign up" option and then select  ‘intern’.
Step 3 - Enter your details to sign up, once you have done this you will receive an email to activate your account.
Step 4 - Click the activation link which will automatically take you to your intern account.
Go to the right upper corner of the page where you will see 'Hi accompanied with your name' below this you will see a drop-down menu, select ‘my account’ where you will be able to fill in / complete your professional profile.
Steps 5 - Once you fill in all your details successfully, make sure you save your information. You can now start to apply to relevant opportunities via the ‘opportunities page’ https://pro-interns.com/opportunities