Formatting PDF Documents

Having a complete profile on the ProInterns website is important for you because you will easily stand out to a potential employer.

This includes uploading an updated CV and Cover letter. These will be typed in Microsoft word but have to be uploaded as PDF documents.

The steps below show you how to format your document into a PDF document.

Step 1    

Using Microsoft word, update your CV and cover letter. Remember to save all changes made.

Step 2

After saving, click the File tab,then click Save As (this keeps your original version and allows you to save an additional copy in another file format).

Choose a File name if you haven’t already.

Step 3

Click the drop down arrow in the Save as type box and click PDF.

To Note: If you do not see this as an option, make sure you have the free Adobe Reader Software installed on your computer.


Step 4

Your document is now saved as a PDF document and is ready to be uploaded.