Graduate Trainee at UMEME

What does your current role entail?

I’m a graduate trainee at UMEME the leading power distributing company in Uganda and attached to the Regulatory department. I’m undergoing a three year training program and the training covers areas of Tariffing, Capex (Capital Expenditure) management, financial modeling, data and financial analysis.

How has this role helped further develop your skills?

The graduate Trainee Program has helped me appreciate different skills that hold the company together. Umeme due to the nature of its service is knowledge intense in various fields which offers diversity in learning and experience. Learning how to make tariff computations, managing capital expenditures of the company, creating financial models so as to give as to project company’s performance in the nearby future and performance analysis among others are key areas that have helped in creating more value and diversifying my skills. 

What advice would you give to other graduates who are looking for internship opportunities?

I’m encouraging graduates who are going through the need for professional development to seek out for platforms that will help them tap their career ambition like ProInterns. I believe most graduates know what they want to be as they are trading along with their carriers, however most of them lack direct linkages to make these ambitious dreams become reality. Personally I was so ambitious and day dreamt at some point but as time went on I realized my ambitions are null and void without a good sense of direction. ProInterns was my direct link towards all my stages of career and professional therefore graduates should seek out for such opportunities that will prepare you for not just any job but a job worthy of your dreams and efforts.

What’s your ultimate career goal and how is your current role helping you achieve?

My ultimate career goal just like any accountant is to be a professional accountant in my field and furthermore with a portfolio I hold of late I’m persuaded the more to work towards becoming Chief financial Officer (CFO) and a consultant. My current role has a significant impact in terms of achieving all my ultimate career goals since it provides a profound oversight to what I’m persuaded to be. It’s also a role that has diversity in skills, knowledge and experiences as suggested already. 

How has ProInterns training sessions helped you prepare for your role?

The ProInterns skilling first sessions were of great influence to achieve my dream job. Most people have multiplicity of approaches on how to get things done but with ProInterns to me it was just a simple approach that's to say Identify your strength and weaknesses. For example writing a CV as many say is not rocket-science but to have a CV that will motivate your employer in seconds of time is what most of us battle with in terms of CV length, Content and arrangement. Then interview skills is an area I got well shaped with especially on how to respond to these questions we are often asked. CAR model was the greatest and creative strategy one can use Ace any oral interviews. Public presentations could tease me a lot but due to the interactive training sessions I used have done a great job in seeing myself through this stage fright. The list is endless because a lot more was learnt and to know more on CAR model and many more offers, just secure yourself a package.

The Umeme interview was my first job interview but because I was armed well enough it became my first job on spot. I’m encourages those of us who need help to take this opportunity. Jobs are their but we end up taking any job just because we are not well equipped to show that we are better off and we deserve better.