How to dress for interviews

Wondering what to wear to a job interview? The answer varies depending on the type of job and company you’re interviewing with. Your dress code will either make a good or bad impression and in turn bias the interviewer-which is not what you want.

Want to make a good impression? Follow the steps below:

1. First off, research the company dress code.

Every company, depending on the work that they do, has their own dress code. For example, at a law firm, the dress code is formal (suit and tie) and yet for a tech start-up, it could be informal (t-shirt and jeans). Therefore, it’s very crucial to research the company dress code (use website, social media sites) and find out the dress code of the company which will help guide your choice.

2.Then, choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

It is very important to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. For example, for the ladies, if you’re unfamiliar with wearing stilettoes, then don’t wear them because you’re likely to embarrass yourself. When you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, it’ll show during your interview as you’ll be entirely focused on what’s being said to you and you’ll exude an air of confidence as well.

3.Do not wear revealing or ill-fitting clothing.

Make sure that the clothes you’ve picked out are neither revealing nor ill-fitting. Anything that shows underclothing, cleavage, too much skin, or midriffs is unacceptable. Also remember to choose clothes that fit you nicely, you don’t want to be seen tugging and pulling on clothing while you sit or walk.

4.Double check that the clothes are clean.

It’s important to double-check for stains and holes a few days before. Keep the clothes in a cool and dry place where they’ll stay clean and fresh before the interview. Also remember to wear deodorant or perfume (but do not go overboard) and to have good general body hygiene.