My Experience as a Statistical Assistant, UBOS by Innocent

My name is Orishaba Innocent. I have studied for a Bachelors of Economics and Statistics at Kyambogo University.

  1. What does your role entail?

As a statistical assistant, I am responsible for compilation of administrative data and related information on gender, support drafting gender statistics plans, preparation of progress implementation reports on gender statistics programs among others. This mostly is achieved in working as a team. In a nutshell, it involves data collection, analysis and report writing on gender statistics.

  1. How has this role helped you further develop your skills?

It is a timely opportunity after school, which helps me relate class work into real life. I therefore put my theory knowledge to practice. Thus I am now better at analyzing a real-life challenge. Ultimately, my report writing skills have improved. I have learned work ethics, as well as working in a team. And also Ability to do thorough literature review on the existing literature.

  1. What advice would you give to other graduates who are looking for Internship opportunities?

Internships offer real training and test your class knowledge at work. So it is imperative that one undertakes it. As a graduate prepare your CV to represent you. Keep a good network of friends and people you look up to. Do not tell them you are desperate about looking for opportunities but rather tell them the skills set you possess. What you are good at and what you can offer. They will advise you accordingly and support you. 

Utilize online resources. The good news is that there is an online platform where opportunities of fitting companies are posted, Pro-Interns. Once you finally seize an internship place, apply yourself fully and be willing to learn, and not be a wiseacre. The people (you supervisor and boss) know that you don’t know it all, so consult them and presumably will be willing to teach you. Actually, you could be retained or be offered a referral once you stand out. 


  1. What is your ultimate career goal and how is your current role helping you achieve this?

Although I am currently at the base, I envisage myself to being a senior statistician, a consultant on statistics coordinating strategic plans to shape use of statistics that improve lives of people once used in the planning process. Whereas this may seem a distant dream, in the interim, I am currently enhancing my skills in data collection, management and analysis. So achieving my dream would call for further studies in areas of programming, M&E, and say Masters in Statistics up to Ph.D. level.  Also rising hugely but steadily over the next years in positions at work. For now, I have taken the first step.

  1. How has ProInterns training sessions helped you prepare for your role? 

ProInterns through the employability workshops especially CV writing helped me align my skills and projects earlier worked on in a more presentable way to my employer. I can now create a winning CV.

Through reading the blog posts that often run on the ProInterns website with interviews that feature Human Resource managers and other consulting officers of top companies, I get to know what most recruiting managers desire in an employee. And so I work toward meeting their expectations.