#ProTips - Social Job Hunting

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill. We all know what it’s like to search for a job. One of our ProInterns Alumni Charlene Kamali has a message for you here.

Check out the tips below to guide you on the search for your next opportunity.

  1. Stay up to date! 

When was the last time you updated your documents? For example CV or Cover letter? If you have acquired new work experience or employment opportunities you must add these achievements to your CV (#ProTip - try and review and update your CV every 3 months).

* Make sure you tailor your cover letter  to each job you apply for

* Study the job description to determine why you are a great fit 

* Add your skills, experience and measurable achievements which are relevant to that position.

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  1. Leverage Social Media

Most people think of social media as just a place to keep up with friends and discuss celebrity news. But social media can be a space to kick start your career or build your personal brand, if used well.

According to Jobvite’s Job Seeker Nation study, 48% of people used social media to search for their most recent job.

If you want to start benefiting from your social network for your job search, here are 6 ways to do it:

  • Let people know you are looking for a job: Consider creating a professional LinkedIn profile and use it to build your skills and experience. Many employers have hired through LinkedIn.

  • Use Facebook Lists: Facebook lists are a way to build your social network beyond just your family and friends. You can add professional contacts without worrying about them seeing personal things you post. To create a list, just go to ‘Account,’ then ‘Friends.’ Then you’ll see an option to create a new list. Make sure you set custom privacy settings to keep people from seeing your regular updates.

  • Join industry conversations on Twitter: Twitter in particular is a great platform to start building a network of influencers in your industry. Find and follow people who work in your area so you can join in conversations and make yourself known, you can use Twitter spaces to search for interesting groups that discuss topics e.g. #JobsinTech 

  • Add your social profiles to your resume or website: Whether you have a personal website or LinkedIn, or Instagram dedicated to photography, you should include relevant links to your social profiles as part of your contact information. 

  • Follow the hashtags: Some businesses regularly advertise their job openings on LinkedIn, and Twitter. You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities. It’s really easy to search for a job using hashtags that employers use to find applicants. Here are a few popular ones:  #JobSearch, #JobHunt,  #NowHiring, #Jobs, #JobOpening.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile. You can also update your profile on LinkedIn to ‘open to work’ reaching out to HR managers on LinkedIn who have open roles in their organization. It is important to state your skills and work experience on your LinkedIn profile as this will increase your chances of being noticed by employers. LinkenIn will update you on the latest opportunities that match your profile. 

  1. Use Job Platforms

If you require more assistance on your job search you can visit your local recruitment agency and speak with a recruitment consultant regarding what type of role(s) you are seeking, share your experience and areas of interest with regards to job/ industry; they may be able to guide you or connect you to a porfolio of employers. 

There are a number of online platforms that can connect you to an internship, early career or full-time job opportunity, such as ProInterns, LinkedIn etc., however you must make sure you complete your online professional profile which can boost your attractiveness to potential employers when applying for opportunities. 

If you would like guidance on your job / internship search, sign up for one to one sessions with our Founder, Vanessa Atim here via our #ProExcel programme here.

  1. Networking (in person and virtually)

Interact with people and develop professional contacts both online and in person, attend online events which are conducted via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Instagram Live etc. Start conversations with people at seminars, social events or in person events. Let them know you’re looking for a job or want to work in a certain industry. They might have connections or advice that can help you in your job search. You might also discover unlisted job openings within their companies or might recommend you for future opportunities.