#ProTips is your profile picture professional?

Just like when you go for a job interview, the first impression you give a professional connection or a recruiter is what matters the most. Your photo is an integral part of your profile and, along with your employment history and other credentials, markets you as a strong prospective employee or a solid networking connection. 

Why does having a professional photo matter so much? Your photo is an important part of your profile for a number of reasons.

  1. When you meet a ProInterns Employer or LinkedIn contact in person for the first time they will be able to  recognize you because of your photo and when you send invitation to connect with someone you already know, they will feel comfortable accepting the invitation because they recognize your face.

  2. A photograph makes your profile more personable and makes you appear more approachable. Uploading a quality photo to your profile will help you make the right impression and maximize the number of people who view your profile.

Professional vs Unprofessional photo

   1)  Individual or group selfies are not advised when creating an online professional profile

   2)  Make sure you are the only person in your professional photo

   3)  Please do not use filters, leave that for Instagram!

Here are tips on how to take a professional photo and how to select the best one:

  • Dress professionally; make sure that your photo shows you in a manner appropriate for your field. A shirt for men; a dress, blazer, or nice blouse for women; or a suit for either gender

  • Picture quality; Use a Headshot; your photo should only be of your head, neck, and possibly the top of your shoulders. If you include your entire body, your head will appear too small, and viewers may not be able to recognize you.

  • Be consistent; Use the same photo for all your professional and social networking profile pictures

Take the time to update your profile regularly, such as when you change jobs or get a promotion. Also, add new skills, certifications, classes, publications, and anything else that will help market your accomplishments. 

It’s time to update your ProInterns profile picture ;)