Spotlighted Candidates

Welcome to our spotlight series; we aim to highlight candidates from our talent pool with strong professional profiles! We believe that candidates that go the extra-mile deserve the spotlight, check out our mini-interviews with each star candidate below who share their fields of study, fun facts and inspirations in life. 

Our first candidate is Anita Ajiambo Moses who has just completed her final year at Makerere University. She will be a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Statistics.

She is interested in professionally growing in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation.

What inspires her?

“I strive to see change by applying innovation and creativity in my work. I also have a strong drive for excellence in everything I do and am a self-driven person.”

2. Allan Kizimula is a graduate with a Diploma in Information Technology Business.

He would like to work and grow in an IT related field from administration to coding. He is also interested in sales and marketing plus investigative journalism. 

What inspires him?

“I am inspired by a lot of things but specifically hard work because I love to be the best at everything I do.”

3. Vanessa Babirye is a graduate of Bachelor of Journalism and Communication, she has Certificates in Public Speaking and Good Clinical Practices. 

She is passionate about Public Relations and Communication and would like to grow professionally in those fields. 

Fun fact: I am down to earth and very good at multitasking. 

What inspires her? 

“I am inspired by the zeal to achieve targeted goals, be it personal or professional. I love developing anything. I also like taking things to the next level.”

4. Mike Odeke graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics. He is looking to grow in a field that gives him exposure to business analysis, research, monitoring and evaluation and statistics.

Fun fact: I love spending time alone in a natural setting whilst meditating. I would rather miss a meal than miss the power of creation.

What inspires him?
I am driven by the desire to enhance my skills and knowledge. My motto is “live life to the fullest.” So this inspires me to do magnificent things using my God given abilities and skills to bring impact to myself and those around me.”

5. Bridget Tushemereirwe has a Bachelor of Business Administration and is an aspiring Finance professional.

What inspires her?

My children inspire me a lot because I want them to have a bright future.”

6. Atuhaire Caroline has a Bachelor of Laws and is looking to grow professionally in the field of commercial law as well as oil, energy and gas law. 

Fun Fact: I love adventurous activities which include rafting, zip lining, swimming. I am also in love with old century literature and novels which led to the evolution of the world today. I also love to experience new cultures and cuisines through the joy of travel.

What inspires her?

“I am inspired by my mother who started from scratch and successfully developed her business at the age of 40, a lot older than most people in life. She inspires me to believe that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and pursue what really makes me happy in life.”

7. Masambu Mark Mwesigwa is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Information Technology and a Diploma in Marketing. He also has a Diploma in Law.

He desires to grow more in IT and Marketing despite the huge difference between them, as he is passionate about both degree subjects.

Fun fact: I am an extrovert that loves to dance which also makes it easy for me to socialize with people I’m not accustomed to.

What inspires him?

"I am inspired by how many people have been successful despite their childhood and upbringing. This helps me believe that I too can be successful. "

8. Nakiranda Stellah is a graduate of Bachelor of Mass Communication. She would like to grow professionally in the field of copywriting. 

Fun fact: I love singing loudly while in the shower.

What inspires her?

“Seeing young women working hard to become all that they have ever dreamed of without depending on men to give them whatever they want.”

9. Frendoh Alinaye Wesonga has a Diploma In Law. He is interested in growing professionally in the field of law and business.

Fun fact: I am a spontaneous person.

What inspires him?

“I am not where I want to be yet.”

10. Busuulwa Ian Peter is a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. He is interested in growing professionally in the field of Science Communication.

Fun fact: I love dancing traditional dances.

What inspires him? 

“Witnessing random acts of kindness and people giving without expecting to receive.”

11. Angom Dorine is presently pursuing a Degree in Development Studies. She would like to grow professionally in social and community based development activities. 

Fun Fact: I am a person of sound integrity.

What inspires her?

“The desire to serve people and achieving my goal of ensuring sustainable development in my area of expertise always inspires me to work very hard.”


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