Tips For Creating An Excellent ProInterns Profile

A professional bio on a social network is an introduction – a foot in the door so your potential Employer can evaluate you and decide if you’re worth their time. 

Here are some tips to boost your ProInterns profile and attract potential employers to have you hired:

1. Upload a professional profile picture.

Unlike a photo you might select for a social networking site, your work profile picture should be a headshot of you dressed professionally. This will show the employer that you are serious and professional.

2. Personal profile. 

Your “Personal Information’ is a vital part of your profile. It’s your opportunity to tell the employer your story through your projects, your passions, your goals, and your strengths. If you have more than one area of expertise, your personal profile should reflect your wide range of skills.

Clearly state who you are, (your qualifications) for example a fresh graduate, final year student, accountant or web designer.

3. Keep your profile up-to-date.

As your skills, areas of interest and expertise evolve, so should your work profile. Check it very often to make sure it still reflects you in the best way possible.

 4. Employment history

Show off your previous success stories in your ‘Work Experience’. Use this section to highlight projects you’ve worked on before.

If you’re new to the work environment, add information about your internship experience and any relevant work experience. If you’re not new to the work environment, list any long-term or short-term work or projects you’re proud of.  

Each position should include a brief job description, specific skills used, and accomplishments during that time. Make sure that the information you include highlights your skills.

 5. Skills

Make sure you select the skills you truly excel at—adding too many skills can actually work against you. Add new skills as you develop them or take on new responsibilities.